Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wow How Long Has It Been

...since I last updated?

It's kinda hard keeping up a blog. Especially if there's a possibility people you know can see this blog.

Sigh. *takes down all links to this blog she can find*

So far my life's been pretty hectic. School's pretty tough. This third year of high school is really important, especially college. And then my cousins from America came over for their vacation, so I've been shuffling my time between school and interacting with them. These kinds of visits are really rare, so we're making the most out of it as we can.

As for my writing, no inspiration has been coming yet. I think it's coz something else has been filling my thoughts lately, that's why there's no room for thinking of my writing.

Or is it someone?

Yeap. This writer has gotten her taste of first love! ;) I refuse to talk about that though, it's miiiiiiighty complicated. It all roots down to the fact that he doesn't like me back though.

Sad story, yeah.

He's really busy right now though, so I've been trying to distract myself and trying my best not to bother him. So far I've taken up the crochet hook and the game console again. You know how my poetry sucks, and how it takes forever for me to come up with one? I find that with the right incentive, I can actually make somewhat decent on- okay, they're not decent. But I can make one up in less than ten minutes at least. 

That's all my excuses for now.

Yours truly,

Monday, May 7, 2012

Things to do...

Meeh, I don't think I'll be able to update Fragments of Memory anytime soon. And here I promised myself I won't let this fanfic get away...

There are several reasons for this, of course. Mainly I've run out of inspiration to write. Deciding to put a chronological order to Fragments of Memory has ground the entire project to a halt. Mostly because I didn't exactly have a plot to it yet. :< I was thinking of making it more like a splice-of-life kind of story while Hoshino expands on Neah's past, plans, and goals. But then there are some hints to the vaguest plot I can think of in the first few chapters and having to post them in chronological order means revealing those hints. But what if in the future I find out something that totally crashes through my brittle plot? That means I'll have to write this all over again.

Then again I could just branch off from canon as soon as Belle steps into the story, seeing as her 'presence' could affect the timeline and all that shizz. But I can't think up a complicated plot at all. :<

Another good reason is that I've kind of moved fandoms ^^; Some of my idiot friends kept bugging me to watch Doctor Who. So I did. Aaand I got trapped. Now all my fandom fire is in Doctor Who, and not in D.Gray-man where it should be. If you want to help switch it back, you could link me to good D.Gray-man fanfiction.... ;)

Good reason number 3: I'm currently working on this one-shot for Doctor Who requested from me by one of my friends. And it's going to take a while. A looooong while.

Good reason number 4: There's this annoying plot bunny bouncing around in my head again, this time for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom. And it's just begging to be written. =n= It's an OC centered fic, by the way, so if anyone is willing to volunteer some of their OCs, contact me. And yes, I'm a pegasister. Problem? :)

So as for now, forgive me, but Fragments of Memory is going on a tiny hiatus ;n; if you could offer some opinions, like whether I should stick to chronological order or just keep updating, I would love you forever. If you're worried things won't make sense if they're not in chronological order, don't worry, I've got you XD I'll make sure it won't get confusing. It's the least I can do.

That's all!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

FoM: First Memory

I do not like this chapter. :<

I tried my best, you know! Even when I first wrote the draft months ago I wasn't very happy with it. I mean, it's their first meeting! It has to be good!

Only it's not, and now my writing fire is tired from wrestling with it. Sorry it took so long. It might take a little while to upload the next chapter, because to be honest I'm not too sure about the chapters I've already written down. I'm basically making this whole thing up as I go. See the chapter names? I changed them too. Things might be like that for a little while, sorry!

It also happens that I'm working on two other projects right now, which could delay it even further. If anyone's curious, I'm trying to start a webcomic with my friends while working on a Doctor Who one-shot for another friend. That's not counting TTK-WWC Entry 5, which is still not done. Sigh. Ryoji, why are you so hard to write??

I'm not planning on giving up on this story though, not this early! Never fear!

Yours truly,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

OzineFest 2012!!

Woohoo! I just came from Ozinefest 2012! It was awesome!!

...Not really. :/ Mostly I bought stuff and walked around. It's not as fun when you're alone with no camera. Coz mum wouldn't let me bring it

There were plenty of bright spots in the whole thing. Like for one, they had Project Diva!! There was this Playstation console and a plasma screen where all you had to do was pay Php10 to play two songs!! I had so much fun playing Kokoro by Rin and Kocchi Muite Baby by Miku. (I was planning to play Migikata no Chou by Len, but the guy in front of me already played it and I didn't want to waste my money.)

It was amazing. I swear, the quality of the modules and effects were WAY better than the PSP version! Better even than the ones they use for the concerts, I wager, because you can see individual hairs on their heads. The animation in the concerts are better though...

What was creepy was that I was the only girl in line. o_o And I swear there was a Miku pervert behind me...

As for the merch I got, well...

First I headed for the DVDs like I always did, but they didn't have Black Rock Shooter the Series, nor anything else I was interested in, so I left. I ended up by the commissions area, and saw so many things that caught my eye - A Minako/Hamuko/FeMC bag tag, Gekkoukan pin, Kagamine bag tag, and - believe it or not - tiny Joshua, Neku and Shiki from The World Ends With You buttons to hang on your phone! I wanted to buy all three, but I ended up buying Joshua and a Len one. Only after I bought it did I find out my brother bought Joshua and Neku. So I screamed at him because I could have gotten Shiki if he had told me. Dang.

I also noticed a sudden increase of Persona merchandise. Is it because of the anime?




I also bought gifts for my friend Tina because she wasn't able to go. Her texts were very depressed.

So I had Php170 left, and decided to stop buying like the good, money-saving little girl I am.

Until I saw another DVD shop with Black Rock Shooter the Series plus the OVA, with a movie from Detective Conan and an interesting series from CLAMP that I hope has no offending scenes.

They were worth Php 170 in total.

Yup. I paid.

Anyway as for Fragments of Memory, the next chapter is not going in a way that I like. I've been wrestling with it for days now, but it refuses to behave. Rest assured, I'll do my best to post it as soon as possible.

Thanks and adieu!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

FoM: Interlude I

Hmm, I don't really know what to say about this one. It's surprisingly short, only one page in Microsoft Word and just two words short of 500. It foreshadows a bit, and reveals Miss Yet Unknown Protagonist's possible future relationship with Allen.

No reviews yet. Aww. :( One fave, sure, but come on guys.

So for those who actually care, here's the original Prologue I wrote... until I scrapped it and just went for Mr. Archivist instead. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fragments of Memory Prologue

WOOHOO!! I finally finished typing the first chapter!! 8"D Read it here!

From now on, I'm going to post my comments, art, and even short scenes and comics that won't make it into the original fic here. So expect an entry for me almost every time I post a new chapter. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Guilty Love

Know that feeling when you make something awesome and worked hard for it, then your best friend comes in and makes something even better, and worse, it's damn perfect?

I have to tell somebody. It hurts a lot but my best friend went and stole my thunder again. And it's not even her fault.

My primary talent is writing, while I consider drawing as a delightful hobby I happen to excel in. But nobody appreciates a writer as well as an artist, and just when I feel like I can accomplish something and draw something she comes in and blows all my fans away. I scramble for the top, but she always reaches it first. 

And I don't blame her for it either, because she's just her and she was born great at drawing, and I've always known that. I feel horrible that I'm jealous of my best friend but I can't help it. I'm happy for her, but want to kick myself at the same time because as much as I keep trying will I ever be better than her? Scratch that, will I ever be able to make a name separate from her, without using one of her techniques and adapting it to suit my style? 

For example, I draw a beautiful pony - as in a My Little Pony pony - for this group I'm in. Then I add her, and she makes a damn PERFECT one, complete with highlights that she never wore in her life. Did I mention she became art editor after only a year at the school newspaper where we both belong? Is it my fault I ended up in News when I wanted to be in Literary, and didn't do as much as I should? 

She records herself singing and dubs songs that she uploads into Youtube. Heck, she can write her own songs! And here I am, wrestling with the mike, trying to find a way to stop it from making me sound like a complete ass when I know I can sing well in person. Dude, I've done recitals, and putting all humility aside I may not be the next Charice Pempengco nor am I some grand soprano that deserves to do solos in choruses but I can hold my own. And then she goes bopping like a rockstar and everybody loves her and I just cheer for her as my heart cracks inside.

Then there are the friends I made in said pony group. I love my friends there. They're the first guy friends I've made EVER. The first PROPER guy friends I've made ever. We just clicked, and they didn't treat me as weird, or crazy, they accepted me as who I am even when I told them I couldn't go to the cinema with them because my parents wouldn't let me. And then now my heart is slowly breaking into little pieces when she hums a tune and they say, "Oh my God I love that song!!" and start talking about stuff I don't know. What's worse is that I'm not really into the MLP fandom, only know what my friends and fanfiction tell me, nor into the Doctor Who fandom, or Sherlock... but Toni knows more than I do about those and now they're leaving me out of the loop, and I feel like I'm losing them... which is stupid, I know. 

Oh God what is wrong with me?!?! We've been friends for FIVE YEARS!! BEST friends!! Somebody please help me... Tell me what I should do...